S C A L E C O A C H     A P P     I O S   /   A N D R O I D


ScaleCoach is designed for instant pitch detection based scale training. ScaleCoach is a high-end app, that will help you master all the scales you need, in an easy and entertaining way.

  One scale and a high quality piano is included for free. You will have the opportunity to try Scalecoach and its contemporary functions with the revolutionary testing of your own intonation. Three packages of essential scales can be downloaded from within the app. Also available for download is the fantastic S.W.Y.P. (See What You Play) functionality. Once purchased, this visualises what you sing or play, and gives you instant feedback on your tuning. 

  ScaleCoach is an important tool in teaching music. Train alone or challenge each other. Who can hit it spot on!  

  ScaleCoach is your new musical best friend.


  7 octaves of grand piano
Polyphonic piano
Master tuning from 415 - 466 Hz 
Built-in metronome
Tempo conversion from 20-480 notes per minute
Note names on/off
B or H selector.
Preplay note on/off
Play scales up or down // up-down or down-up
Move scales up - down - repeat - play only once
Major modes - a collection of the diatonic scales from the Major mode
Melodic Minor modes - collection of the scales from Mel. Minor mode
Symmetric + - collection of symmetric scales and Blues, Pentatonic etc.
S.W.Y.P. "See What You Play" either as single tone or multi tone.
S.W.Y.P. includes a Hz detector.
Score during test from 0-100 points
7 languages

 Scalecoach is the first and only app that let you play all the scales and at the same time check your intonation.

  When you have learnt your scale you can test yourself and see if your intonation is correct. You will get instant feedback, telling wether you sing (or play) false or in tune. DESCRIPTION

 Intonation forms part of the basis in music when you're playing with yourself and others. It is therefore very valuable to be able to test your intonation and with Scalecoach you can test it with any instrument.

  That includes all fretless instruments as violin, chello, double-bass and all other instruments as trumpet, saxophone etc. The singers can learn how to sing in tune. Scalecoach will support you regardless of your level and let you choose the tempo. In the S.W.Y.P (See What You Play), you will be able to see what you sing or play on the Scalecoach piano.

B or H? With Scalecoach you can have them both.

Play wirelessly from your device to your Apple TV and AirPlay-enabled speakers and share your masterpiece in coaching yourself and music buddies.


Developer - Advice Publishing
Category - Music education
Size - 10 MB
Rating - 4+
Compatibility - IOS 5.1 or later
Language English, French, German, Spanish, Danish, Japanese, Chinese

Scalecoachİ is designed and developed in 2012/2013 by Advice Publishing with support from